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May 27 - 30, 2019, will mark the fourth year of Advertising Week Asia in Tokyo, Japan. #AWAsia, which will be held in some of Tokyo’s most iconic venues for the week, will bring together industry professionals from the Asia region and from around the world for a week of thoughtful conversations covering the marketing, advertising, technology and creative spaces. Over the course of the week, they will discuss where we’ve been, where we’re going and what trends, challenges and opportunities are shaping today’s global industry. Advertising Week Asia is a part of a global network of Advertising Week events in New York, Sydney, Mexico City, and London.

Seminars and Workshops
Advertising Week Asia’s daytime thought leadership program consists of over 100 unique seminars and workshops focused on the industry’s most important topics and trends. From technology innovations and data, to creativity and brand storytelling, the program is built to be diverse, educational and thought provoking.

Industry leaders including Davis Lin (head of strategy development at Tencent), Asako Hoshino (senior vice president of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.), Andrew Millstein (president of Disney Animation) Dan Neary (vice president of Asia Pacific at Facebook), Paul Yonamine (president of IBM Japan), Karim Temsamani (president of Asia-Pacific at Google) and Masahiko Uotani (CEO of Shiseido) are just a few examples of the inspiring speakers who have shared their insights at Advertising Week Asia.
AW Connects
End each day with a cocktail at AW Connects. Open to all delegates, this happy hour allows attendees to meet and discuss the topics of the day in a casual, fun environment.

Antony CundyMcCann Worldgroup Holdings Japan
Antony Cundy
Chief Client Officer

Daisuke NagataDistant Druns Inc. / Think and Echoes
Daisuke Nagata
CEO / Joint CEO
Hideo KikuchiDentsu, Inc.
Hideo Kikuchi
CDC, Producer

Hideo RaiDentsu Aegis Japan Inc
Hideo Rai
Hidetoshi TokumaruDentsu isobar
Hidetoshi Tokumaru
President & CEO

Hinako ShinozakiSendenkaigi Co., Ltd
Hinako Shinozaki
Editor in Chief of “Brain(magazine)”

Hirotaka SakashitaOath Japan
Hirotaka Sakashita
Country Manager

Kaoru InaharaGoogle Japan G.K.
Kaoru Inahara
Director, Business Marketing, Japan

Keita UmimotoMediba Inc.
Keita Umimoto
President & CEO
Kenji MorinagaASATSU-DK INC.
Kenji Morinaga
Executive Manager of Integrated Solutions Center

Kentaro KimuraHakuhodo Kettle Inc.
Kentaro Kimura
Co-CEO, Executive Creative Director & Account planner
Koichiro ShimaHakuhodo Kettle Inc.
Koichiro Shima
President & Joint-CEO
Masaki HamuraLINE Corporation
Masaki Hamura
Vice President, Advertising Business

Mike NakamuraDentsu Inc.
Mike Nakamura
Managing Director, Global Business Center

Morihiko HasebeHAKUHODO Inc.
Morihiko Hasebe
Executive Creative Director
Nobuhiro NagasakiKodansha Ltd.
Nobuhiro Nagasaki
Deputy executive director of first division and rights / media business division

Ryo UmezawaJ-Seed Ventures, Inc.
Ryo Umezawa

Shinichiro KitamuraNikkei Inc.
Shinichiro Kitamura
General Manager, Cross-Media Advertising and Business Bureau

Shintaro TabataStart Today Co. LTD.
Shintaro Tabata
Head of Communication Design
Takayuki HoshuyamaD2C Inc.
Takayuki Hoshuyama
Taro KodamaAnchorstar Inc.
Taro Kodama
Taro SaitoDof Inc. Communication Designer
Taro Saito
Tatsuya KandaJ-Wave
Tatsuya Kanda
General Manager, Programming Division

Tatsuya MasubuchiRoot & Partner / Highnetworthlab
Tatsuya Masubuchi
Tetsuya HondaBlue Current Japan Inc.
Tetsuya Honda

Toshihiro FukutokuNielsen Japan
Toshihiro Fukutoku

Yasutoshi MatsudaYasutoshi Matsuda Office
Yasutoshi Matsuda
Yohey KawabeArdacoda
Yohey Kawabe
Yoichi TaniguchiTV asahi Corporation
Yoichi Taniguchi
Director, Media Planning & Development Department

Yosuke NakamuraTBWA HAKUHODO
Yosuke Nakamura
Head of DAN Tokyo, Digital Arts Network/DAN Tokyo

Yuji Sugiyama

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