Exploring Data Driven Marketing at Advertising Week Asia

Exploring Data Driven Marketing at Advertising Week Asia


Adara invites you to spend Wednesday afternoon diving into data, starting at 1 pm in the A-3: Adara Stage.

What better way to start than with the veteran powerhouse AOL? Learn the secrets of data diversifying from Alex Timbs, the Head of Data & Market Attribution, and Shigeharu (Zak) Hanazaki, the CEO, AOL Platforms Japan K.K opening with Why You Need to Diversify Your Ad Portfolio.

Data measurement and application is a changing landscape; Facebook sends us their very own Fred Leach, Marketing Science Research & Development, to share his thoughts and expertise on measurement technologies at The Future of Measurement.

Wading through the sea of consumer opinions and usage on social networks can be a perilous task, and when done incorrectly, a waste of poorly allocated budgets. RadiumOne uses a ROI approach to the strategy, challenging brands and the people in the marketing fields to invest more wisely. Come to Dark Social: Unlocking the Sharing Economy as Kerry McCabe, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, for RadiumOne, speaks to the new sharing economy, and how to invest more broadly to reach those consumers.

Adara sponsors an impressive wrap-up with the APAC Leadership Conversation. The panel guarantees to fascinating as APAC’s media leaders discuss the future of global advertising and media. Assaf Tarnopolsky from LinkedIn, Elizabeth Harz from Adara, Mark Froude from Bloomberg, and Charles Zhang from Baidu Japan will be sharing their perspectives in a lively conversation sure to inspire.

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