Relive the Best of AWAsia 2016

Relive the Best of AWAsia 2016


As Advertising Week Asia prepares its return to Tokyo May 29 – June 1, 2017 for the second year, relive the best of AWAsia’s daytime sessions, workshops and events from 2016 on AWReplay. During last year’s programming, the industry’s best and brightest joined together for a week on stage to discuss topics ranging anywhere from the oversaturation of content for digital consumers and the evolution of the ad agency, to the future of video and how data driven marketing is changing the game for modern day marketers.

Watch some of the best of what AWAsia 2016 had to offer below:

Campbell's: Perpetual Relevance

Famed tech mogul Andy Grove once said that “Success breeds complacency, complacency breeds failure.” What sets apart the most enduring brands from those who fade to obsolescence over time? What can larger institutions learn from a startup culture in staying nimble and cutting edge? With a strong background working with brands like Walmart, Microsoft and Xerox, Campbell Director of Digital Marketing and Marketing Innovation, Umang Shah, shares essential principles and actions all brands need to stay relevant for the long haul.

Workshop: Business in China

In part one of this session, panelists explore the use of inbound marketing and effective utilization of location data services which target Chinese tourists who visit Japan, and the possibility of a cross border EC market.

Building Humanity Into Brand Experiences

Panelists discuss how the latest technology has changed the way they engage customers, and enhance the quality of experience. Google's guiding principle number one is to 'focus on the user and all else will follow.” In this session, experts look at the application of this philosophy to the development of creative work and beyond at both Google and IDEO.

Facebook: Marketing in a Mobile World

Dan Neary, Vice President Facebook Asia Pacific, shares insights into the key trends shaping and disrupting industries in an increasingly mobile world.

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