The Mobile Track at AWAsia

The Mobile Track at AWAsia


We spend most of our days on our phones. We tweet, text, like, share, post, call, read, listen – nearly any daily task, digital or otherwise, is now doable on our mobile devices. Mobile has gone beyond its beginnings as the vehicle by which we simply deliver messages or send emails. Today, mobile is how we connect with one another, entertain ourselves when we’re bored, and keep up with the rest of the world.

But in a world of fast scrolling consumers, how do advertisers get to a level where they’re able to have meaningful, or at a minimum, engaging interactions with mobile users?

During Advertising Week Asia, the Mobile Track brings industry experts together to discuss how brands are using mobile to their advantage, and explores the many ways mobile messaging technologies allow for an abundance of new possibilities.

In “The Next Big Thing in Mobile Video Marketing,” industry experts discuss the astonishing growth of emerging video media and the mobile video advertising market over the past few years, and how advertisers can forecast the latest video movement.

In “Latest Mobile Game Marketing Trends in Japan,” marketing experts from the mobile game industry come together to discuss the growing market and how marketers can expand their business into the world of mobile gaming.

On Tuesday, hear from industry experts from LINE as they discuss the risk of unintended content and how advertisers should think about the future of branding in operational smartphone advertising.

Also on Tuesday, business leaders from TV Asahi discuss the power of good design, and how the definition of design has been diversified in recent years.

Finally, listen in on a conversation with Google’s Taro Sotome and Nobuaki Shinano as they discuss how online media investments impact offline sales, and how marketers can use existing technologies and measurement tools to visualize the impact of online to offline value.

For more about the Mobile Track, featured speakers or other programming events, head over to the Official Calendar.

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