The Official Tracks of AWAsia

The Official Tracks of AWAsia


From May 29 – June 1, 2017, Advertising Week Asia will head to Midtown Tokyo to bring business and industry leaders together in conversation discussing the biggest trends, topics and issues facing the greater advertising, marketing, technology and media industries today. This week, AWAsia launched the official 2017 calendar, which revealed a broad range of topics and issues to be covered throughout the week of thought leadership and special events, as well as an impressive lineup of global industry leaders to be featured as the 2017 keynote speakers.  

To better organize the 50+ programming events and help focus the week, the official “Tracks” allow delegates to narrow in on a particular area of interest to better tailor their AWAsia experience specific to their needs, industry backgrounds and specialties.

Each track speaks to the most topical, timely issues and themes dominating the industry today. Learn more about the official AWAsia 2017 tracks:


With an abundance of new data, technology and talent entering the industry, the ability to innovate is greater than ever. The Innovation Track puts the spotlight on brands, agencies and marketers leading the charge with innovative projects, products and campaigns that move the industry forward.


People understand the world through stories. But have technology and data complicated the art of telling great stories that drive people to action? The Storytelling Track explores all methods of storytelling, from the newsroom to the film studio, and how brands can monetize content and use social platforms to reach younger audiences.

Mar Tech

Marketing today is heavily reliant on accurate data, ad formats and programmatic, all of which have technology at their core. The Mar Tech track takes a closer look at the intersection of marketing and technology, and explores how the next era of technology will help drive creativity to success.


Video is the most consumed media by a long-shot, and the video space continues to change as new technologies, like virtual reality, have completely transformed the consumer experience. The Video Track takes a look at the future of digital content, and how both consumers and marketers are using video to tell stories across social media.  


The modern agency continues to change, but while some say the agency world is dying, others would say it’s just finding a new stride. The Agency Track tackles the media and creative perspectives while discussing topics like disruption in the virtual world, cultural inspiration, and the power of creativity.

Leadership & Culture

The most successful companies have a vision that inspires employees to want to be a part of something with a purpose, and that mentality begins at the top. The Leadership Track explores changing leadership styles, the power of diversity within an organization, and how modern leaders can drive their business to the top.


People today use their mobile devices more than ever before, and both mobile users and technology continue to get smarter. The Mobile Track explores new innovations like mobile messaging strategies, emotional expression on mobile platforms, and the many new opportunities for brands still to come.

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