Wednesday, 31 May at 5:35 PM  ●  Tokyo Midtown: Room 5+6

On-line Video Ad Budgets Now Swing Back to TV

Topics of this year’s “TV Upfront” are: 1)the start of reach-guaranteed advertising deals based on "viewer segment data" independently provided by TV stations without relying on CPM; 2)how major advertisers and agencies evaluate data on "quality of viewing" combined with reach specifications; and 3) how the trend of increasing budget allocations to online video advertising that had been growing significantly has now partly swung back to advertising through TV stations. View More

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Ryuji Yokoyama President & CEO Digital Intelligence Inc.
Hirofumi (Eda) Sakaeda Chief Representative in New York Digital Intelligence Inc.
Daisuke Otobe Corporate Officer Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.
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