Creativity Today can be Found Alongside Scientific Thinking

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We can never lose the essence of creativity even in the current data-driven world. Shinya Tanaka, Creative Director, Dentsu Isobar, specialised in branding speaks to Yuichi Washida, the chairman of “Declaration of Design Management” issued by the Japan Patent Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Professor, specialised research of foresight in Hitotsubashi University, and Yasumichi Oka from TUGBOAT, continues to be the top runner of the advertising industry in Japan, and seeks the meeting point of thinking between a right brain and left brain from the two specialists.


Shinya Tanaka Director Dentsu Isobar Inc.
Yasumichi Oka Creative Director TUGBOAT
Yuichi Washida 経営管理研究科 教授 一橋大学大学院

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This session will be presented in Japanese. Translation provided in English.

Event Type Seminar

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