What's the best brand communication to capture “TRIBAL” consumers in social era?

In this session...

In this social era, the explosion of information and communications diversify consumers’ preferences and have created diverse communities.
In addition, Millennials and Gen-Z have already been major consumer group in various global countries and they rather prefer digitally native vertical brands “DNVBs” as their own “FAVORITES”.
In this session, we will discuss what would be the best brand communication to win the minds of those “Tribal” new consumers in this social era.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Social media optimization strategies
  2. Production and distribution strategies for digital creative assets
  3. Strategic leverage on influencer marketing

Presented with


Oshie Sato General Manager, Studio & Lab ALPHABOAT LLC
Hironobu Yokote Brand Manager of ORALCARE Dept. LION CORPORATION
Riku Akimoto Business Development Director Outbrain Japan

Event Details

This session will be presented in Japanese. Translation provided in English.

Event Type Workshop

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