Deep Dive: How CM celebs gather the audience attention - New Data what redefine TV marketing

Thursday, 30 May at 3:45 PM

Tokyo Midtown: Room 4 ( View Map)

In this session...

TV marketing is the old and new word and technology breakthrough and new data has started to re-define this word.
One of the new data is TV viewability provided by TVISION INSIGHTS, which gathered real-time audience attention to the TV.
In this session, we will not speak "concept-like-things" too much but a lot of field data of TV viewability/attention.
To start with, we will take some data to show how celebs in TV CM work for (or not? we know you'll like this topic) gathering audience attention, which is critical for the effect of CM.

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Yasushi Gunya Co-founder, President TVISION INSIGHTS
Yasutoshi Matsuda 代表取締役 株式会社 松田康利事務所

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This session will be presented in Japanese.

Event Type Networking Events

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