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Overseas business interest in Japan has been dramatically shifting from production of goods to developing services -global Japanese workers are expected to adjust their focus to meet this new need. In this panel discussion, successful creative leaders who work worldwide in digital advertising and content, will share their unique perspectives on cultural challenges that Japanese confront in terms of generating ideas and content and how to tackle them. Panelists include: Kazuki Tsubura, CCO of Dentsu Shanghai, the leading trendsetter in the Asian advertising world who dived into the massive Chinese market; Yosuke Suzuki, the former BBH and Dentsu employee, who is now R/GA Tokyo’s Managing Director steering its world strategy, and Toshimasa Kawai, COO of FabCafe LLP who has spread FabCafe worldwide utilizing grassroots campaigns. If you are currently working with overseas clients but not sure what to do or eager to expand globally but afraid to step forward, come join us!

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Kaz Tsubaraku CCO Dentsu Shanghai
Toshimasa Kawai COO FabCafe LLP
Yoji Sakamoto GBC/Senior Communication Designer Dentsu Inc.
Yosuke Suzuki Managing Director R/GA Tokyo

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This session will be presented in Japanese. Translation provided in English.

Event Type Seminar

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