E-Commerce in China: Build a Strong Brand while Sustaining Long-term Growth

In this session...

The revenue from China and from Chinese tourists are growing to important levels that cannot be ignored. 
Many Brands try to reach Chinese consumers and sell their products by Cross-boarder EC and/or entry into China - an advanced digitalized market.

How can we create that holistic buying experience to win the heart of the progressive digital consumer?

The fast-moving digital ecosystem creates an environment where consumer purchase behavior change constantly.
In such an environment, purchase decision making process become more dynamic. And players (Brands, Influencers, Channels, platforms) fight for a share but also collaborate to grow the entire pie at the same time.

Well managed balance between brand building and sales growth is the key to have sustainability.

In this session, we like to focus on the topic of building a strong brand and sales in such a fast-moving market.
And we like to shed some light into the various approaches that exist that attempt to create a sustainable growth. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The latest trend of online sales ecosystem in China market
  2. Brands must focus on both brand building and generating sales even in China. Without the two initiatives combined, brands can not have a sustainable growth.
  3. 3. China online sales channels are diverse and complex in nature. EC malls are not the only channel, as other distribution path such as C2C play an influential role. And as a result, both EC mall and C2C all are integrated forming a multifaceted echo-syst

Presented with


Guo Lu Founder & CEO USHOPAL
Junichi Kanno Head of Commerce Marketing Team Dentsu inc.

Event Details

This session will be presented in Japanese, Chinese. Translation provided in English, Japanese, Chinese.

Event Type Seminar

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