Diversity x Creativity: A Future where New Gender Expressions are Spearheaded through Advertising

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Portrayal of “diversity” in advertising is attracting more attention than ever and beginning to wield a tremendous influence in the market. Yet, the mere word "diversity" suggests a wide range of visuals and messages that are communicated, as well as unexpected turns and developments.
Ranked 110th out of 149 countries in the latest gender gap index, Japan's gender gap is sizable, and there have been many cases where the media’s portrayal of women has been problematic. In the advertisements of global companies today, we are starting to hear of the notion of a "new masculinity.".
This session we will explore the ways in which advertising can uncover new forms of gender expression.


Emi Shiraishi CEO & Corporate Communications Consultant Amplify Asia Inc.
Kensuke Yamada Corporate Officer PR TIMES, Inc.
Morihiro Harano Creative Director / Founder Mori Inc.

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