Global Keynote Series: Evolution of Vertical Videos and Social Media Reshaping Social Ecology in China

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Vertical style became the hottest keyword of 2018 in china, it is a new evolution of human expression. In this era of rapid development of the Internet industry, the rapid growth rate of vertical style short video” is the first in the mobile Internet, which has brought about a new revolution in brand marketing and a new opportunity in intergenerational change.

With the rapid development of China, Social Media has faced a continuing progress, from Blogs and Weibo to wide spread short videos, from "limited" social platforms to "unlimited" social scenes. The social media technology and data perform an unconditional development where media drives the change of marketing, and social media endows the traditional 4P marketing with unlimited possibilities. Social Media has a tremendous influence and must be responsible for the business ethics and social responsibility!


Li Mao Shan CEO Beijing Yuntu Digital Marketing Consultant
Xu Yang CEO and Founder Beijing Weibo Yi Technology Company

Event Details

This session will be presented in Chinese. Translation provided in English, Japanese.

Event Type Seminar

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