Transforming TV Ads. The Future is Here, with Online Delivery & Ad Orchestration.

Monday, 14 May at 4:40 PM

Tokyo Midtown: Room 5+6    View Map

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We saw the dawn of online TV ad delivery in October 2017 and Group IMD was there to mark the first ever online TV ad delivery to a broadcaster in Japan. Advertisers and agencies alike have taken notice and increasingly shifting towards this trend by adopting the IMD CLOUD online workflow platform.

Amongst the keen interest, the real excitement lies in the “Future of TV ads” made possible with just such an online platform. From social media integration, real-time analysis and A/B testing, interactivity and more, the new online workflow has the potential to completely transform TV ads from how we perceive them today.

This seminar delves in to this huge potential for Ad Orchestration, with a panel discussion of prominent marketers and innovators including Unilever Japan, INTAGE Inc. and from the UK, whilst covering leading case studies from around the world to glean the future of TV ads in Japan.


Scott Davies CEO UK Ltd
Kyosuke Tanaka Business Development & Sales Manager Group IMD
Aco Yamagata Media Director Unilever Japan Customer Marketing K.K.

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