The Future is Expandable: How Creativity Drives Business Growth and Innovation

In this session...

Agencies have a long history of solving challenges with creativity-based marketing and communication, but these challenges we need to solve are becoming more complicated and hard to pin down as a result of the digitalization of lives and other shifts in the landscape. Nevertheless, I am convinced we can help companies to achieve incremental growth if we uncover issues and opportunities hidden at a deeper level, expand our creativity to discover solutions, and collaborate more closely with our clients.

Using case studies, I will introduce the approaches taken by some of Hakuhodo's bleeding-edge units, which are expanding our business by opening up new domains in and outside of marcom. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to come up with ideas for expanding into new business domains
  2. Up-to-the-minute case studies of collaborations with agencies
  3. Corporate organization and networks committed to growth

Presented with


George Moro General Manager / Creative Director, Integrated Planning & Creative Division Hakuhodo
Tatsuro Miura Team Leader / Creative Director, Integrated Planning & Creative Division Hakuhodo

Event Details

This session will be presented in Japanese. Translation provided in English.

Event Type Seminar

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