A New Value of Digital Content Brought by "People Based" Measurement

In this session...

Page views, unique browser, number of app downloads...etc.
These indicators have not become a standardized metrics. So what is the new value of digital content can bring, that could not be assessed by these metrics until now?

Beyond ad verification and white-listing, what data is required to differentiate each digital media and create a value proposition? How can we be more considerate of advertisers' needs?
We will invite a digital media for discussion.

Although "safety and security" is one of the values provided by media, it is more essential to show media's potential for achieving advertisement purpose.
Which means that it is important to show media data that will provide support in advertisers' main purpose - an effective communication with targeted consumers.

Until now, each media have provided metrics such as page views, unique browsers, or number of downloads among others, but a situation where we have multiple formats of measurement is not ideal for industry development.
In this session, we will invite digital media firms to discuss "people based measurement" that is essential in the development of digital marketing industry.

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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Industry standard metrics is essential in evaluating digital media
  2. Advertisers and Ad Agency will be able to select appropriate media, by using and comparing with standardized metrics
  3. "People based measurement" is desired to avoid loss of trust for the whole industry
  4. Metrics like 'time spent' or 'use frequency' can only be measured accurately through "people based" measurement

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Jun Miyamoto President Nielsen Digital Co., Ltd.
Daii Akahoshi Corporate Officer EVP, President of Marketing Solutions Group, Media Company Yahoo Japan Corporation

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This session will be presented in Japanese. Translation provided in English.

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