Communication Risk for Brands Beyond Ad-Verification

In this session...

Ad verification proves the safety of media, yet does not guarantee with whom the communication is taking place.
We will discuss in a panel discussion format with advertisers for two main issues that become apparent from this point of view and some of the clues in overcoming it.

1. Risk of Look-Alike Targeting
2. Risk of brand damage that comes from high ad frequency

Ad verification has been an important issue for advertisers, not only because of the possibility for low advertisement investment return, but for the risk of brand damage as well.

Although with use of measurement or whitelists, we have seen transformation take place, communication risk still exists behind this concept.

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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Challenges associated with ad verification, and confirming remaining challenges after ad verification is processed
  2. Risk and solutions for Look-Alike Targeting
  3. Risk and solutions for brand damage that comes from high ad frequency

Presented with


Jun Miyamoto President Nielsen Digital Co., Ltd.
Naoki Inoue Director of Media Center , Advertising & Promotion Department NTT DOCOMO,INC.
Yoshitake Katayama Department Manager Publicity Group General Affairs Dept. DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, LTD

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