The State of Digital Advertising in 2019

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Digital has fundamentally changed the way brands and content owners must think about advertising. Changing media consumption habits, a growing number of devices and channels available for reaching audiences at scale and the introduction of new technologies, like the forthcoming development of 5G, are making it that much easier for brands to make memorable connections with consumers.
OpenX MD of APAC Andy Tu kicks off the Brand Innovation Track at Advertising Week Asia to share his take on the current state of affairs in dig

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Understand the current state of digital advertising - where money is going and why
  2. Learn about the promising opportunities that exist with digital advertising in OTT, PBM and beyond
  3. Gain insight into why there is an asymmetry between where ad dollars are spent and where consumers spend their time

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Andrew Tu MD of APAC OpenX

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This session will be presented in English. Translation provided in Japanese.

Event Type Seminar

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