Ensuring Quality: Who Should Take Ownership of the Digital Ad Ecosystem

In this session...

As digital increasingly accounts for more of the overall APAC ad spend, ensuring a high quality digital ecosystem is critical. Advertisers should know where their money is going, and publishers should get the revenue they deserve without any fraudulent ad experiences on their websites or apps. Join participants from every part of the advertising ecosystem to talk through the quality challenges that exist today - fraud, brand safety, fake traffic - and the actions needed for a trusted digital advertising ecosystem to emerge.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. A greater understanding for how the industry can work together to restore trust in digital advertising.
  2. Insight into the biggest challenges that need to be overcome in order to clean up the media supply chain.
  3. Hear about how increased support for ad standards and industry organizations bring even greater transparency to the advertising ecosystem

Presented with


Shuji Kobayashi Digital Business,Media Business Unit,Solution Design Team Dupty Manager Nikkei Inc.
Keisuke Meguro Publisher Development Director OpenX
Tomoyuki Noshita Editor in Chief ExchangeWire Japan
Tetsuya Shintani Country Manager, Japan The Trade Desk Japan K.K.
Kazuto Hakata General Manager Future Brand Div. & Data Business Div CyberAgent, Inc.

Event Details

This session will be presented in Japanese. Translation provided in English.

Event Type Seminar

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