How do In-House Creative Teams Think About Communication Design?

In this session...

The communication process between brands, enterprises, and consumers, and the marketing environment are evolving even faster and getting even more diverse in our daily lives.
In this uncertain situation, expectations for creativity and design seem to get higher than ever before.
In this session, professionals from the companies with in-house creative organizations will sit together and share their stories of the latest issues and challenges based on their real-world cases.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. role and significance of in-house creative team
  2. role of creative functions and challenges in the era of digital transformation
  3. strategic alliance with and expectations to the industry partners

Presented with


Yukiya Hagihara Executive Creative director Recruit Communications
Takanobu Nakui Corporate Fellow Chief Creative Manager AJINOMOTO CO.,INC
Yosuke Sato Executive Officer / General Manager of Creative Development Division CyberAgent, Inc.
Naomi Yamamoto Chief Creative Officer SHISEIDO CO., LTD.
Hiroyuki Takasu Chief Communications Group Consumer Marketing Division(Japan) Panasonic Corporation

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Event Type Seminar

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