Local vs Global. How can Brands Stay Relevant in a Multi-Local World?

In this session...

In this session we will explore what advertisers can learn from TV about speaking to global audiences on an intimate, local level, and demonstrate how global brands can become more adaptable, more localised and improve their communications efforts for audiences around the world.

There have never been more locally produced TV shows, there have never been such a wide range of content platforms and broadcasters. Our viewing habits have never been more diverse. As such there's no such thing as a global format, just successful local formats that are resilient and adaptable enough to be transferrable to different markets and withstand localisation. Do not confuse 'global' with repeatable and scaleable.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What can advertisers learn from TV about speaking to global audiences on an intimate, local level
  2. What does 'premium content' mean and why is it a great strength/key asset for broadcasters
  3. What is the future of TV consumption? Analysis of dominance of VOD platforms
  4. Predicting for the future: How will an ever-fragmented content offer impact future behaviours?
  5. Addressable vs Linear TV: What is at stake? What opportunities do personalized and targeted advertising have on VOD platforms?

Presented with


Matthew Scheckner Global CEO Advertising Week
Stephane Coruble CEO RTL AdConnect International S.A
Hirosuke Usui Director, International Affairs Department of President's Office TBS Holdings,Inc
Soon Chang Solutions Engineer SpotX
Taira Fusegawa Director of Business Development Department, Media Services/Radio, TV Division Dentsu Inc.

Event Details

This session will be presented in English, Japanese. Translation provided in English, Japanese.

Event Type Seminar

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