Finding Premium Inventory at Scale in Japan

In this session...

Everyone knows that content consumption habits have evolved and streaming video content across devices is the new standard today. Audiences are spending more time in premium video environments and premium publishers and media platforms who tailored their video content to attract and retain audiences have seen positive results.

Our panel explores how buyers can tap into the enormous opportunity that comes with excellent brand safety and performance metrics - such as high viewability and completed views.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Definition and value of premium inventory and premium environments, inc Brand safety
  2. 1st party data, value and scale to activate
  3. brand safety, viewability, transparency

Presented with


Kazuo Nomura Manager Fuji Televison
Kensuke Maruta Manager, Data Consulting CCI
Takafumi Ueki General Manager, Radio TV Video Business Promotion Department Dentsu inc.
Ken Harada Country Manager Japan SpotX
Gavin Buxton Managing Director, Asia SpotX

Event Details

This session will be presented in English, Japanese. Translation provided in English, Japanese.

Event Type Workshop

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