Disruptor Series 〜Disrupt Inclusive Sports Marketing〜AWA session with Grim Narita, Tatsuya Honda & Masaya Asai

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For Japan, the year 2020 bears quite a significance in the field of sports. The Paralympics will be one of the highlight events held next year. With the world’s most known sports event being held, even the people that usually do not take that much interest in sports will naturally be exposed to information about sports. How can we fully utilize this never-before opportunity to our advantage?

As consumption behavior changes, brands also need to innovate their approach to sponsorship and marketing. Stories off the field are just as important as the competition on the field. Getting to know the individual players adds depth, drama and connection at a human level. Smart brands overlap the players’ personalities, team characteristics, and individuality with its corporate image as if that is the given approach to take. In this session, let’s unravel the synergy sparked by “inclusive sports” and “marketing.” Come 2020, how can we as the host country, corporation, and marketing industry leverage our creative, design, and storytelling skills to further develop the inclusive sports culture? As the competitive field transforms, what are the new opportunities that lie for brands to interact with sports fans? Will athletes that did not have the chance to be in the spotlight until now, be able to gain the same level recognition that able-bodied athletes have? View Less

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Grim Narita Gold Medalist 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Paralympics
Masaya Asai Group Creative Director TBWA\HAKUHODO
Tatsuya Honda User Interface Designer Fujitsu Limited

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