Media Matters: An Overview of the Current Media Landscapes and how Brands can Take the Lead

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The WFA Global Media Charter (2018) was developed with a belief in the need to rebalance the industry around the principles of greater respect for all parties – re-basing the relationships between the tripartite of client, agency and media owner and, most importantly, engendering greater trust amongst consumers.

Ranji David, Director, APAC – Marketing Services chats with David Porter, Global AAR, Unilever & Asia Chair, WFA Media Forum, to see if these 8 Principles can not only serve as the foundation upon which better media governance might be built but also from which we might drive better collaboration between advertisers and agencies towards better marketing.


David Porter Global AAR, APAC Media Chair Unilever and WFA
Ranji David Director, APAC – Marketing Services WFA

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This session will be presented in English. Translation provided in Japanese.

Event Type Seminar

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