Leveraging the Rugby World Cup and Tokyo 2020 to reach international audiences

In this session...

With two major sporting tentpole events taking place in Japan over the next 18 months, how can domestic brands take advantage of the world's eyes being on Japan, to reach and speak to new international audiences.
Join Unruly and Brave Bison, who announced their video partnership at last year's Advertising Week, together with domestic Japanese brands as they discuss best practice for international campaigns, lessons learned along the way and how they intend to make the most of the upcoming sporting events.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Audience insights around sporting events and what successful content looks like.
  2. Market insights for Japanese brands - focusing on key markets for Rugby World Cup such as the UK and Australia, and for the Olympics such as the US.
  3. How to plan end to end video campaigns - from insight and creative ideation through to distribution.
  4. The importance of cultural testing to ensure video content lands with international audiences.

Presented with


Phil Townend COO - APAC Unruly
Haruyo Kagawa Country Manager Japan Unruly
Caroline Troman General Manager APAC Brave Bison
Tsutomu Ikeda General Manager, Global Business Centre Dentsu
Hiromi Suda Yokohama Promotion Division Manager Yokohama City Culture and Tourism Department

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